This service offers employers an opportunity to save time and money in their recruitment efforts. We provide assistance from the development of a recruitment strategy to the final selection of candidates.

Our Services are based on the three (3) options outlined below:

MEDIA ADVERTISING, PRE-SCREENING AND REPORTING: We advertise specific positions on behalf of our Clients particularly when they want to remain anonymous. We handle all activities from the media, pre-screening, to providing a shortlist of recommended candidates. We also provide interviewing services from pre-screening to panel.

DATABASE SEARCH & SELECTION: We search our database to find those candidates most suitable for your vacancy. Shortly, we will be providing a more in-depth search when we join with some of our strategic partners in the region to penetrate deeper into the diverse Caribbean pool of top talent.

HEAD-HUNT: Our Ahead-hunt@ service takes us into the business community to seek candidates who are unlikely to respond to advertisements or not on the active market.

Job Advertising
Advertise your position on our website and gain wider visibility. You will have the opportunity to display your company’s logo and provide prospective candidates with useful background information on your company. If you are interested in placing a job advertisement click here to submit a request.

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